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Introduction To This Blog Page

Having recently completed a lengthy and in depth piece of narrative nonfiction entitled Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community , the next step seemed to be to set up a website to discuss the project and its content. This page will also be a way to market my work and to communicate with my readers. To begin with, I suppose I should explain the book. In mid 2011 various circumstances led me to seek out and join the shadowy world of the BDSM community. I was naive, ignorant and inexperienced. That slowly changed as I met a series of unique individuals who were already steeped in the lifestyle and who helped me learn and grow. However, just as the BDSM community is ripe with opportunity to explore one’s fantasies, it is also loaded with drama and complications. In Ignite35 I explore all of that and more. The book is designed to educate and to clarify all of the misinformation and misconceptions perpetuated by atrocities like  50 Shades of Grey. Hopefully, it