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Bonus Post: New Opportunity vs. Silly Psychic Nonsense

Okay, so I have a blog. You already knew that. I mean, you're reading it right now, right? I also did something else that I never dreamed I'd do in order to promote my book and that's open a Twitter account. I poked around, started following some other people that I thought might be interested in my writing and was met with a totally bizarre offer from left field. That is that a BDSM toy company asked me to write for them, once a week, as their exclusive blogger. They appear to be a really good company to. Seems great, right?

There's just one thing making me hesitant. That is, of all things, my horoscope. Yeah, you read that right. I got a horoscope that said, basically, that I would receive a business offer that seemed great, but that it would invariably turn out to be a problem.

Alright, let me state here that I am not one to normally take astrology terribly seriously. In fact, I tend more to think of it as nonsense peddled by charlatans. But then, I brought it up to my old mentor (yes, the one who is depicted in my book) and he had something interesting to say. He mentioned a comedian by the name of Kyle Kinane who was thumbing his own nose at astrology while arguing for it at the same time. After all, Kyle argued, the heavenly bodies do affect the tides and we're mostly water, so there is some scientific argument for it...

Okay, so I became a little concerned. Do I do this? It seems like a no-brainer and that turning it down on the basis of "magic" would be just plain dumb.

Still...what do I do? I mean, if I do agree to it, I'll definitely be pushing them to promote my book in return. That goes without saying. But...astrology tells me to be careful. The site has great reviews, but my horoscope says check them out more. The stuff they have and the fact that they have free shipping and handling gives me an automatic high opinion of them. Still...the stars say tread lightly.

I'm being an idiot, right? Someone tell me I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth and that I should behave more rationally, please.

Well, I guess we'll just have to see.


  1. Update: That toy company hasn't called me back. Obviously my services weren't as desirable as they originally said. No matter. I still have this...glorious site. :)


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