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Interview with novelist Gregory Wayne Martin

One of the things that I wanted to try with this blog page was to interview relevant people. That is to say, people relevant to the BDSM lifestyle and maybe some writers. Well, in reaching out to people, only two have responded and agreed to an interview. The first one, an erotic author who I hope to get to soon, is currently swamped with other obligations. The other is an author and my editor. And while Gregory Wayne Martin may not write erotica or about much BDSM, his stories are hardly vanilla. If you pay close attention, there are lots of little references to kinky sex and alternative lifestyles. I first met Martin a few years ago, at the same time I was entering the BDSM community. I found him fascinating and some small part of my brain bookmarked him and what he did for a living, just in case I ever decided to try writing. Some years later when I did, in fact, start work on my book Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community , I remembered him and reached out for advice...

Sample from Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community

I debated on several blog posts for this week. However, I suddenly realized that I have no sample scenes from my book Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community on line. So...that being said, here's one of my favorite scenes from the book. It depicts my first visit to a munch and it's, largely, true. Enjoy. And if you like it, buy the book. (Even if you don't like it, buy the book. This is what the BDSM world is really like.)    I tentatively entered the restaurant, dressed innocuously in a short sleeve, light blue, button down shirt and plain khakis. As I scanned the place, I saw two large, glass doors separating a private room from the rest of the diners. I walked over and peered in, hoping to recognize any faces that I had seen on the internet. As I stood there, blatantly conspicuous to those inside, I was noticed and several heads turned towards me. One of them, a tall, blonde lady in very smart business attire, rose from her seat, came to the door and opene