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Discretion in Writing Nonfiction Kink

When I started this blog I had two goals in mind, to talk about BDSM and to talk about writing. I've written a lot about BDSM here, but little about writing. I'm going to explore the later a bit in this post, but I'm going to start, and keep a grounded foot in, the other topic. My life is dictated by many factors and necessities. Given that I spend much of it with with perverts, discretion is a big one. One of my personal favorite moments in Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community is when I first meet D.C. and he explaines, "There are people in this community who, if their involvement were discovered, could lose their jobs, respect of peers, custody of their children... In highly extreme cases, they could face criminal investigation. We may call it 'play,' but this isn't a game." It's important to remember such things. In living this way, you have to keep a lot of secrets and you have to be careful of what you do share. I have long ti

Fifty Shades of Crap: Why Fifty Shades is a Total Travesty

Members of the BDSM and kink community have their differences. Disagreements and varying definitions (not to mention that, sometimes being kinky is all we have common) frequently cause the type of drama that makes nighttime soap operas seem like Barney and Friends. However, there is one thing most people in the community agree on almost universally. That is--and I want to put this as eloquently as possible--Fifty Shades of Grey sucks big fat donkey balls. If you're unfamiliar with the books or the community, you may ask, why? There are a variety of reasons. So let's go over them and make them clear. Ready? First, the writing is just bad, and that's coming from me as a first time writer. Unrealistic characters behaving in ridiculous ways, asinine dialogue and a meaningless plot all converge to form a story more absurd and incomprehensible than a Victoria Jackson stand-up routine. The whole disaster started as, of all things, Twilight fan fiction. After it mysterious