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Humiliation Play

Humiliation, the removal of one's dignity and self-respect, is common practice in the world of BDSM, however it gets discussed far less than things like impact play or bondage. While tying someone up and wailing on them is certainly one way to display dominance, few things can put a willing sub into a headspace quicker than making them feel degraded and worthless. A simple, "slut," uttered with a tone of authority and disrespect can work wonders for making your sub, well, submit. I remember early in my relationship with my current sub, introducing her to this type of play. I had her hands cuffed behind her back and a sturdy collar around her neck. I was touching her and she reflexively said that she liked it. I suddenly grabbed her by the collar and told of her, "I didn't ask for your fucking opinion, did I?" She whimpered out, "No, Sir." I then spit in her face. Suddenly, her expression and demeanor took a noticeable turn. She became co

Grown Men Playing With Themselves

I've been slacking on the posts, admittedly. But then I did something that gave me pause and felt a tinge of inspiration. See, my sub is out of town and so I thought some "me time" was in order. For the slow, that means I pulled up some porn on the oh-so-reliable Internet and squeezed out some knuckle children. Once upon a time, it was a sure fire way to insure that I'd feel private, in-touch with myself (no pun intended) and satisfied. Now however...not so much. These days I almost feel let down and even violated. It backs up the old theory I was once told by a college girlfriend that, when it comes to masturbation, women and men do it completely differently. Women, she insisted, make love to themselves. With men, she went on to say, it was more like self rape. I scoffed at the time. Sure, we tend to see it as more utilitarian, but self rape? That just seemed an over simplification, if not straight up misandrist. Well, in college I was still young. I'd o