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The "Lifestyle" vs. Trump

A friend recently came to me with a burning concern. Apparently two of the last women he'd chatted up as potential subs--intelligent, articulate women--had confessed to being Trump supporters. This mystified him.

"Why would anyone in their right mind--women, no less--especially ones who lead an alternative lifestyle--vote for that walking personification of civil rights violating, white male privilege?"

I didn't know what to tell him, exactly. But skipping over the, "in their right mind," factor, I decided to ask around and research the situation and look for answers. A few details did come up.

What could possess someone to support an administration that has criticized alternative lifestyles (Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions), exhibited racism, mocked the special needs group, and tons of other things outside of the norm?

1) Heritage-It's how they where raised. Some times your parents saying the same thing over and over, no matter how much you want to rebel against them as teenagers, makes a difference. Some times the second you become an "adult," (because you got the prom queen pregnant and you suddenly think you're grown), you just DO stuff that aligns with the right. Reason being, they're the ones who, "protect the family," and you suddenly have one and are forced to work at Auto Zone just to survive. And yet, it's complete crap that the right want you okay. Dad said so, and you now relate to Dad. Enjoy your higher taxes while the company you work for gets breaks.

2) Guns- Similar to heritage. They were taught that the left want to kick down everyones' doors and forcefully take everyones' guns. The right, however--even Trump, who would oppose the people being armed more than any other President ever in office (because someone might shoot him)--want to protect that right and won't let that happen. I may be kinky, but I also need my guns! Make America Great Again! Long story short...the NRA has paid a LOT of money to make LOTS of people afraid.

3) Abortion- Yes, we have some in our ranks who hate abortion. Semi-understandable, as it is a debate about life. Unfortunately for them, it is also about womens' rights and, as Samantha Bee said, "...partial-birth abortions aren't a thing." It really isn't a kid at the time limit that is legally set. It is, scientifically speaking, a choice. Grow the fuck up. Still, just because you like spankings...doesn't mean you have to eradicate a pregnancy. I'll give you that. That's why it's referred to as, "a choice." And remember, the choice isn't always yours. Sometimes it's Kelsey's, the fifteen year old who was coerced into sex by her history teacher who she used to respect but now hates for putting her the position to make the toughest decision of her life.

4) The only news and facts they are exposed to are biased and inaccurate-Their racist dad has been filling them with nonsense and FOX News took over once they were old enough to think for themselves. Every time their stoner friends started Stephen Hyde-ing their brain (an odd statement, I understand, since Danny Masterson is now fending off charges of aggravated rape. I know it's an ugly metaphor and I supremely apologize. But, as a character....hopefully you get my point), they kept hearing the party line cuz they have some weird kind of Stockholm Syndrome. Please, please, please don't lash out at them unless, after careful consideration, the only answer is cognitive recalibration like in the first Avengers movie. And then keep them tied up like Natasha did Clint until they prove themselves coherent.

5) They're actually stupid- We may love them, but some of the people we know are actually really, really dumb. They should probably be left to the anti-vaccine movement, so that they simply don't make it as long as the rest of us. Besides, as horrible as it sounds, those are usually the ones who end up in abusive relationships disguised as BDSM. I'm not condoning it, just saying it happens and we can all quietly mourn while natural selection works its magic. Sorry, Steph.

6) Aliens- I don't even believe in this bullshit. BUT...I suppose there IS the possibility that something has laid eggs in a LOT of peoples' brains and made them work against their own best interest. Unlikely, but possible, if we're working with every possible scenario.

Please understand that a lot of this is comedic blathering and I don't actually want to see people hurt and I don't hate people. ...MOST people. Some can drown and I won't weep. But it is a valid question. Why in the absolute fuck would anyone in the alternative life-style community vote for that troll?

Short answer: I actually have no idea.


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