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Alternatives to 50 Shades That Aren't Ignite35

I often talk about how much I totally despise 50 Shades , but I rarely talk about what I think of as better. Obviously, I think my book is better, but I want to talk about a couple of things inquisitive kinksters should look at first, reading and movie wise. First, if you want an idea of how us real kinksters do it, how we meet, how we bond, how we function as a group and how you might use that to find what you're really looking for...well, that would be my book, Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community . It pretty much spells it out, especially for the beginner. If you just want sexy stories and fresh ideas...forget 50 Shades . That's an ignorant psychodrama written by someone without the first clue. Get and read, what I have repeatedly cited as my favorite, Diary of a Submissive by Sophie Morgan. Sophie doesn't have, and will say as much, the highest respect for organizational people like me. But it's usually in some aside. She's not interested in disc

The Website (No, not this one)

The kink community has changed considerably since its conception (generally agreed as being right after the second world war). Once upon a time, if you wanted to meet like-minded individuals, you had to search for classifieds in the back of scandalous magazines or notes scribbled on the bathroom walls of sketchy-as-fuck nightclubs. Kinksters developed elaborate ways of signaling to each other who they were, how they identified and how available they were. These days we have the Internet and that's completely changed the game. Gone are the days when the only surefire way to get a spanking was to purchase the services of a sex worker. Now all it takes is a quick Internet search and a variety of sites pop right up. Of all of the BDSM sites, one has risen to the forefront to shine as the "Facebook of Kink." There are others, dating sites like and , and more general ones like and . But, when it really comes down to it, if