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How to Break a Brat

The definition of a brat, as well as their behavior, vary. Typically they're subs with a rebellious streak. They actively try to frustrate their Doms/Dommes by being uncooperative or defiant, hiding toys, giggling when threatened with punishment or even acting like a bitch. These things naturally still result in punishment., but the pitiful, vulnerable behavior often exhibited by more traditional submissives is absent.

So it should come as no surprise that many Dominants desire to break brats. This can be fun, but it can also be risky. Trying to force someone to bend to your will when they're more determined to resist and test boundaries obviously has the potential to go too far. Its for this reason that any attempts to break a brat be handled extra carefully.

It goes without saying that strict and thorough negotiations beforehand are a must. And both parties should resist the urge to take things too far.

So what are some methods the Dominant can employ in the process of making their brat behave?

1) Restraints- Rope, cuffs, straps, scarfs, whatever the parties prefer. If a Dom/Domme immobilizes the sub it eliminates a lot of problems right off. A bratty sub isn't as able to hide toys or tickle their Dom if they're tied to a chair or bedposts. It literally puts them in their place.

2) Get aggressive- Often times brats are trying to push your buttons so you'll push their limits. If you're not one to typically indulge in hair pulling, bottom spanking and face slapping, then this may be just what the doctor ordered. They may be used to their defiance being met with harsh returns and when it doesn't happen, they may be daring you to fight back.

3) Boring punishment- The other side of that is that they may be spoiled from always getting the beatings they crave and see them as a reward for their brattiness So put their nose in a corner for a couple of hours. Make a mess (ideally with their stuff, like throwing their clothes everywhere) and make them clean it up.  Make them alphabetize your books and media. Tell them they aren't getting to come for a few days. Make them watch a documentary or news they have no interest in, take notes and give you an oral report. Stuff like this is highly effective.

4) Hold them down until they agree to behave- Pretty self-explanatory.

5) Pursuit, take down and capture- I love this one. The two of you (or more, if you're into that) go to some place where you're free to run, scream and get naked. Give your brat a head start and then chase them. The "take down" part can be as simple as confronting them or as harsh as a tackle, depending on what they're up for. After that, they're yours to do with as you please. Works great when you're dealing with someone who has rape fantasies. Just remember to bring first aide kits, just in case.

6) Ground them- No play of any kind until they learn how to behave. Careful with this one though. If you're excessive with it, they might just decide to get their fun elsewhere. Also, many brats will tell you that the worst thing, the one that's hurts in a bad way, is being ignored. So best to do it sparingly.

Once again, all things should be done after negotiation and with consent.


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