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Why Do You Identify That Way?

Identification is something you'll run into in the BDSM world, pretty much, right off. If you attend a munch or event, even if you just get online, people will constantly be telling you how they identify. That equates to how they see their role in BDSM relasionships. You "identify" as a Dom/Domme, sub, switch, little, etc. But is there a reason some people choose one or the other and what can you tell about a person by how hey do? The answer is, yes, and the reasons are usually surprising and occasionally disturbing. Let's start with the basics, which would be Doms/Dommes and subs. Well adjusted ones typically come from one world. That is to say, their day to day lives are pretty cut and dry. Well adjusted, healthy Doms/Dommes do not run Christian Grey style companies. They don't own and manage tons of real estate. They rarely even manage a fast food place. More often than not, they spend a lot of time feeling powerless. They answer to lots of people. They may e