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Whew! This new job is helping me get out of debt and back to my old self, but damn, they are working my ass off. I finally had a little time and decided that a posting couldn't be put off any longer. So, I decided to go with one that I have been planning for some time, one as important as negotiations and aftercare, one as mysterious and problematic as abuse, and one as confusing as...well, all the rest of the kink world. That subject is frenzy. BDSM Wiki defines it as: "Frenzy , sometimes called sub frenzy, top frenzy or dom frenzy, is a condition in which a person that is very new to BDSM becomes very excited after initial experiences with BDSM (sometimes attributed to a feeling of making up for lost time) and proceeds with very little caution, self concern, compromised emotions and impaired judgement due to the excitement that this new lifestyle can provide."   It goes on to compare it to drug addiction. The fact is, I've seen it more than once and it